The best SERP tools on the market for 2023

The Best SERP Trackers For 2023: The Top Tools to Monitor Your Website’s Ranking

Do you want to find out how well your website is doing on search engines?

Are you curious about which words are bringing visitors to your site?

If you answered yes, then you should start using a search engine SERP tracker. A SERP tracker is a tool that helps you keep an eye on your website’s rankings and see how you’re doing over time.

This blog post will discuss the best SERP trackers and show you how to use them.

The Best SERP Tracking Tools Available in 2023

Here we go! Let’s dive into the best SERP tracking tools you can get this year.


SEMrush is a comprehensive software suite that enhances businesses’ online visibility and organic search ranking. It offers a variety of tools and features to assist with keyword research, website analysis, and competitor analysis. Additionally, SEMrush provides resources for effectively managing paid search campaigns and social media advertising.


There are numerous advantages to utilizing SEMrush for businesses. It enables companies to monitor and evaluate their online visibility and organic search ranking progress.

Furthermore, the software suite equips businesses with tools to enhance their website design, content quality, and overall online presence. By utilizing SEMrush, companies can gain a competitive edge by comprehending their competitors’ digital marketing strategies and maintaining a prominent position on search engine results pages.


SEMrush furnishes businesses with valuable data and insights regarding their online visibility and organic search ranking. Its robust toolkit encompasses tools for keyword research, website analysis, and competitor analysis.

Businesses can optimize their online presence and organic search ranking by leveraging these tools. Additionally, SEMrush offers various features for effectively managing paid search campaigns and social media advertising.

If your aim is to enhance your business’s online presence, SEMrush is a valuable option to explore. Its software suite offers tools to help businesses outpace competitors by gaining insight into their digital marketing strategies.


  • In-depth keyword information: SEMrush provides detailed data on the keywords your website ranks for, including search volume, CPC, competition, and more.
  • Backlink insights: SEMrush also offers comprehensive information on your website’s backlinks, including anchor text, linking domains, and more.
  • Traffic details: SEMrush provides thorough information about your website’s traffic, encompassing visitor count, bounce rate, traffic sources, and more.


  • Limited free plan: The free plan of SEMrush has certain limitations regarding features and functionality. For instance, it allows tracking only up to three projects at a time and lacks access to some advanced features.
  • Less user-friendly than other tools: Some users find SEMrush slightly complex, especially if they are unfamiliar with SEO or search engine marketing.

Overall, SEMrush is a comprehensive tool that can propel your online marketing efforts to new heights. If you’re committed to improving your search engine rankings, considering SEMrush is a worthwhile choice.


AccuRanker, known as the world’s fastest and most accurate SERP tracker, is an invaluable tool for digital marketers and Webflow SEO professionals. Its daily rank-tracking capabilities offer actionable insights to improve website ranking positions.


As a cloud-based rank-tracking tool, AccuRanker enables users to monitor their website’s search engine rankings across multiple devices and locations, making it one of the top SERP trackers available. It provides users with traffic and keyword ranking insights and aids in refining their SEO strategy. While AccuRanker is a paid tool, it offers a free trial for new users.



  1. Accurate rank tracking: AccuRanker delivers highly precise and advanced rank tracker results.
  2. User-friendly interface: Even those with limited technical expertise can quickly grasp and utilize its SERP features.
  3. Affordable pricing: AccuRanker offers reasonable pricing considering the quality of its SERP tracking features and results.
  4. Excellent customer support: The dedicated customer support team can readily address any concerns or queries.
  5. Free trial: AccuRanker allows users to test its SERP tracking software before committing to a purchase.


  1. Occasional reports of inaccurate results: While isolated incidents, some users have reported discrepancies in the accuracy of the results.
  2. Occasional slowness: The software may experience occasional lags in speed, although this does not significantly impact its overall performance.
  3. Cluttered user interface: Some users have found the user interface slightly cluttered, but this can be easily resolved by adjusting the settings.


AccuRanker offers pricing starting at $116 per month for 1,000 keywords.

AccuRanker enables businesses to compare their website rankings with competitors, providing valuable insights for informed SEO decision-making. It is a user-friendly tool suitable for small businesses and website owners looking to track their progress over time. AccuRanker is an excellent choice for improving website SEO with its accurate and up-to-date keyword rankings.

Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker is a SERP tracking tool designed to monitor daily search engine ranking positions for specific keywords. It allows users to track their own and competitors’ rankings, enabling effective analysis and progress tracking.

Pro Rank Tracker

This tool is valuable in identifying sudden ranking changes and understanding their causes. Additionally, Pro Rank Tracker provides insights into the effectiveness of SEO efforts over time.


  1. Accurate and up-to-date keyword rankings: Pro Rank Tracker delivers precise and timely information on keyword rankings.
  2. Competitive analysis features: Users can compare their website rankings with competitors, gaining valuable insights.
  3. Robust tracking capabilities: Pro Rank Tracker offers comprehensive tracking features to monitor ranking positions effectively.
  4. Detailed reports: The tool generates detailed reports, providing comprehensive information on website progress.


  1. Challenging usability for some features: Certain features of Pro Rank Tracker may require more effort to navigate for some users.
  2. Higher pricing: Pro Rank Tracker’s pricing falls on the higher end compared to some other tools in the market.
  3. Limited free version: Pro Rank Tracker’s free version allows tracking only three keywords at a time.
  4. Costly for extensive keyword tracking: Pro Rank Tracker can become expensive if users need to track many keywords.
  5. Challenging reporting: Reports may be difficult to interpret for SEO novices.
Pro Rank Tracker


Pro Rank Tracker offers four different plans:

  1. Free: Allows tracking 100 terms for 30 days with all premium features enabled.
  2. Starter: Starts at $13.5 per month.
  3. Pro: Starts at $89 per month.
  4. Agency: Starts at $180 per month, including all Pro Rank Tracker’s features, ideal for SEO agency owners.

Overall, Pro Rank Tracker offers a range of features that make it an indispensable tool for monitoring website performance in search engines. With the ability to track an unlimited number of websites and keywords, it provides detailed reports on progress over time. The inclusion of a built-in link-building tool further aids in improving website rankings.

Advanced Web Ranking

When it comes to monitoring your website’s progress on search engine results pages (SERPs), Advanced Web Ranking is a valuable tool to consider. It offers detailed information and statistics on your website’s ranking, backlinks, visitors, and more.

Advanced Web Ranking

This tool can significantly contribute to improving your website’s visibility and performance. Additionally, Advanced Web Ranking allows you to monitor your competitors’ websites, providing valuable insights into how your website compares to theirs.


  1. Track unlimited keywords in SERPs and receive comprehensive reports on your progress.
  2. Compare your progress with competitors to evaluate your standing against them.
  3. Offers a wide range of features and tools to optimize your website and enhance search engine ranking.
  4. User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.
  5. A free trial period is available to test the software before purchasing.


  1. Some users have reported occasional software bugs and crashes.
  2. Customer support may not always be responsive or helpful.
  3. The software can be expensive, particularly if you need to track numerous keywords.
  4. Reports may be challenging to interpret for users unfamiliar with SEO.
Advanced Web Ranking


Advanced Web Ranking provides a free 30-day trial with no credit card requirement. It offers four different plans:

  1. Starter: $49 monthly, including 2,000 units, SERP features, competitor insights, and Google data integration.
  2. Pro: $99 monthly, offering 7,000 units, competitor discovery, market share, and the starter features plan.
  3. Agency: $199 per month, encompassing all the pro plan features, up to 14,500 units, search console country tracking, local keyword search volumes, and more SERP features.
  4. Enterprise: $499 monthly, including all agency features and up to 35,500 units.

If you’re seeking a web ranking solution, Advanced Web Ranking is certainly worth considering. It ranks among the most popular SERP tracking tools available, offering a comprehensive suite of features.

From keyword research to website analysis and rank tracking, Advanced Web Ranking provides everything one would expect from a web ranking tool. Its unique features, such as social media integration and competitor analysis, further enhance its value. With its user-friendly interface and valuable data, Advanced Web Ranking proves to be an excellent tool for improving website rankings.

Mangools SERPChecker and SERPWatcher

Mangools SERPChecker and SERPWatcher are two SERP tracking solutions designed to monitor your website’s search engine rankings. With these tools, you can assess how your site compares to the competition, ensuring potential customers can easily find your pages.

Mangools SERPWatcher and SERPChecker

Mangools SERPChecker tracks your website’s rankings for specific keywords over time, aiding in improving your website’s SEO. It identifies areas where adjustments are necessary. On the other hand, SERPWatcher allows real-time tracking of SERP results for specific keywords or phrases. It proves useful for monitoring your website’s progress in search engines and troubleshooting any issues.

Both Mangools SERPChecker and SERPWatcher are user-friendly tools offering a variety of features. If you’re seeking a reliable way to track your website’s SEO performance, these tools are an excellent starting point.

PROS of SERPChecker:

  1. SERPChecker provides accurate and up-to-date data on your website’s search engine rankings.
  2. User-friendly software with a straightforward interface for tracking progress over time.
  3. Free trial period available to explore the software before committing to a paid subscription.
  4. Reasonable pricing plans offering good value for features and data access.


  1. Does not offer keyword research tools, requiring users to utilize other software for keyword identification.
  2. It may be overwhelming for users unfamiliar with rank tracking and SEO tools.

PROS of SERPWatcher:

  1. SERPWatcher features a user-friendly interface, offering a great user experience. Even beginners can easily navigate the software.
  2. Accurate keyword tracking and adding negative keywords to the tracking list. It ensures comprehensive monitoring of competition and essential keywords.
  3. Offers a 10-day free trial (no credit card required) to test the tool’s suitability.
  4. Excellent customer support with prompt responses to inquiries and concerns.


  1. Slightly higher pricing compared to other keyword tracking tools, but still affordable considering the features and accuracy.
  2. Lacks social media tracking or analytics, which could be a potential addition in the future.
Mangools SERPChecker and SERPWatcher


SERPChecker and SERPWatcher both provide a 10-day free trial and three different plans:

  1. Basic: $29.90 monthly, including 100 keyword lookups, keyword searches, and basic features.
  2. Premium: $39.90 monthly, offering 500 keyword lookups, unlimited competitor keyword analysis, and premium features.
  3. Agency: $79.90 per month, encompassing all the premium plan features and up to 14,500 units. It provides search console country tracking, local keyword search volumes, and additional SERP features.

SERPChecker and SERPWatcher are excellent keyword-tracking tools, offering various features. Their accuracy and user-friendly nature make them valuable choices for anyone seeking accurate tracking.


Serpstat is a software platform offering various keyword and competitor research, analysis, and tracking tools. Founded in 2013 in Ukraine, Serpstat has expanded its services to cater to customers in over 100 countries.

The core functionality of Serpstat revolves around its keyword and competitor research capabilities. Users can utilize the platform’s keyword research module to discover and analyze new keywords, track keyword rankings, and gain insights into competitor strategies. The competitor research module provides a detailed analysis of competitors’ digital marketing activities.

In addition to keyword and competitor research, Serpstat offers additional features such as rank tracking, site audit, and backlink analysis. The rank tracking module allows users to monitor their website’s organic search rankings across multiple search engines.

The site audit module helps users identify and resolve on-site issues that may affect their website’s performance in search results. The backlink analysis module provides insights into the link profile of a website. Serpstat’s platform is available in multiple languages, including English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Portuguese.


  1. Serpstat is a comprehensive SEO platform offering many features for keyword research, rank tracking, and competitor analysis.
  2. The “questions” function is a unique and valuable feature that shows the most popular questions related to a keyword in Google search.
  3. Serpstat provides a useful site audit tool and detailed competitor analysis features.


  1. Some users may find Serpstat a bit expensive, as it offers various pricing plans depending on the required features.
  2. The platform may initially appear overwhelming due to the abundance of information and unique features to explore.


Serpstat offers five different plans:

  1. Lite: Starting at $55 per month, ideal for SEO individuals with access to up to 20 tools for running SEO, SEM, and PPC projects.
  2. Standard: Priced at $119 per month, suitable for established in-house teams and marketing teams. It includes three users, branded reports, an extended interface, and other features.
  3. Advanced: Designed for big marketing agencies and large in-house teams, it offers all standard features, up to 5 users, and additional features.
  4. Enterprise: Geared towards industry leaders, it includes all advanced plan features, access for up to 7 users, white-label capabilities, and more.
  5. Custom Plans: For those requiring more data, contacting Serpstat directly allows for tailored plans to meet specific needs.

Serpstat is a powerful AI-powered SEO platform that offers a comprehensive set of tools for enhancing search engine optimization efforts. It excels in providing competitor analysis and offers different pricing options suitable for businesses aiming to improve their SEO strategies.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a cloud-based platform that equips users with SEO tools to enhance their website’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). It offers a range of features, including keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink checking, and more.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking provides an affordable SEO solution, particularly beneficial for small businesses and individuals seeking to improve their online visibility.


  1. SE Ranking offers a free trial, allowing users to test the platform before committing to a paid plan.
  2. The platform boasts a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.
  3. SE Ranking provides detailed reports and analytics, enabling users to track their progress and identify successful keywords.
  4. Custom alerts can be set up to stay informed about any changes in rankings.


  1. Some users have reported unresponsive customer support.
  2. Occasional glitches and bugs have been reported.
SE Ranking


SE Ranking provides three different plans:

  1. Essential: Starting at $31.20 per month, it covers ten projects, a website audit of 40 pages, and more.
  2. Pro: Priced at $71.20 per month, it includes 1,000 keywords, unlimited projects, and all features from the essential plan.
  3. Business: Geared towards businesses, it costs $151.20 per month, encompassing all features of SE Ranking.

SE Ranking is a powerful internet marketing tool that aids businesses in improving their online presence and visibility. It enables companies to track progress, compare performance against competitors, and discover growth opportunities. SE Ranking offers valuable insights into website traffic and search engine optimization efforts. Overall, it is an essential tool for businesses seeking success in the online marketplace.

What is a SERP Tracker?

A SERP Tracker is a web-based tool that lets you keep tabs on how your website ranks on search engines. It provides detailed data and graphs that show your website’s progress over time and offers tips for improving your ranking. It’s an important tool for website owners who want to stay ahead of the competition and ensure their site is visible to potential customers.

How Do SERP Trackers Work?

SERP Tracker continuously monitors your website’s position on different search engines and compares it to your competitors. It then generates detailed statistics and graphs to show your progress. Additionally, SERP Tracker provides recommendations on how to enhance your ranking.

What is a SERP Tracking Tool?

SERP tracking tools allow you to monitor your website’s position on search engine results pages (SERPs). They are useful for various purposes, such as evaluating the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. There are several benefits to using SERP Tracker tools.

  1. Firstly, they enable you to track your website’s progress over time to assess the impact of your SEO strategies.
  2. Secondly, they provide comprehensive statistics and graphs that help identify areas for improvement in your ranking.
  3. Lastly, SERP Tracker is invaluable for website owners who want to outshine the competition and ensure their site is easily discoverable by potential customers.

What should you consider when choosing a SERP Rank Tracking Tool?

  1. Ease of Use: Select a user-friendly SERP tracking software to avoid spending excessive time figuring out how to use it.
  2. Data Accuracy: Ensure the tool provides reliable and trustworthy data.
  3. Pricing: Consider both free and paid options, as excellent free tools are available.
  4. Features: Choose a tool that offers the features most important to you and your website’s needs.
  5. Customer Support: Check if the company provides reliable customer support to address any issues you may encounter.
  6. Reviews: Read reviews from other users to gain insights into their experiences with the tool.

By conducting some research, you can find the ideal tool that suits your requirements.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a technique used to improve a website’s visibility on search engines. It encompasses various strategies to increase both the quantity and quality of traffic to a site, with the ultimate goal of boosting revenue.

SEO involves optimizing different aspects of a website, including its content, structure, and external links. It can be as simple as ensuring the site is well-structured for search engines to understand or employing more complex techniques, such as incorporating keywords in the content or building backlinks from other websites.

While SEO can significantly enhance your site’s visibility and traffic, it’s essential to remember that it is just one part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. To achieve genuine success, your website should offer high-quality content, user-friendly navigation, and effective marketing targeting your desired audience.


There you have it! These are the top SERP trackers available today, each offering unique features and benefits for monitoring your website’s rankings. Choose the one that best suits your needs and start tracking your rankings to boost your online presence!

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